Who likes savings? From now on you will love it thanks to Oval Money

Let’s be honest, who likes to save? Nobody! It’s boring, it takes time… but it’s one of the most important things in our life and we have to care about it. But how?

These on the left are the Euro red coins that nobody likes it: they are in our pockets, on our desks, inside the bus seats, in the Trevi Fountain. And every time we make a payment (in cash) we usually receive some of these in change, but nobody appreciates they’re value!

They are money and for sure they have value:

  • 10 coins of 0,01€ are 0,1€
  • 200 coins of 0,02€ are 2€
  • 1000 coins of 0,05€ are 50€!!

So every cent count and in our life, or just in some years, we probably have collected more than these amounts. And somebody maybe bought a piggybank but they’re still there and it’s annoying count them, deposit them in a bank… that’s an example of why nobody like savings!

As I’ve already said, saving money is really really important and the more 

money you have saved, the more you control your own destiny.

And the more you are young, the more you can do.  Especially in these years, where the world is changed. In the UK, two in five of the working population have less than £100 in savings and Italy is one of the countries with the lowest financial education.

We have to act, we have to start saving money, starting from cents. But how?

Remember the mathematical example I did before with Euro coins (applicable with each currency) and also keep in mind that today we are cashless, cardless, smart and so on…

So it’s time to introduce Oval Money!

It lets you to Track, Learn, Save, Invest Automatically and completely Free!!

Oval Money app was created to help bring inclusion, education, and fairness back into personal finance. With Oval, you are empowered to TRACK your full financial history, LEARN to make better spending decisions, SAVE automatically, and INVEST in a marketplace of financial products.

Let’s see in deep how it works…

Oval automatically TRACKS YOUR SPENDING by linking to your bank accounts and credit cards and through the magic power of machine learning. As you make purchases, Oval will intelligently apply one of its smart categories based on what was purchased and especially on why you purchased it. If you want more detail about your spending habits, Oval allows you to create custom tags for each expense. These tags are searchable making it possible to quickly find out exactly how much you are spending on certain items.

Through Oval, you will LEARN. The app securely and anonymously analyzes the spending and savings data from the community of users to better understand what makes for better saving. Then the finance experts give you tips and tricks to make saving easier. These are shared in-app through notifications.

Oval allows you to program AUTOMATIC SAVINGS DEPOSITS to a personal and secure digital savings account. You save using  Steps, that are commands that tell Oval to set aside some extra saving each time there is new income or spending in your linked accounts. If you’d like to save 50 cents every time you purchase a posh coffee or 3% of your weekly paycheck, just set up a step. Oval will take care of the rest.

There are 3 types of steps that can be programmed:

  • Round-Up ➡️ Rounds-up the price of your purchase and puts the difference in your digital wallet, that’s why every cent counts!
  • Percentage ➡️ Takes a fixed percentage of what you spent on selected purchases and saves it in your digital wallet.
  • Fixed Amount ➡️ Takes a fixed amount that you set and saves it in your digital wallet for the purchases you choose.

Your digital savings account will collect the money saved through your programmed steps, empowering you with a growing balance that can be withdrawn at any time. Once you have accumulated some savings in your digital wallet, it might be time to consider moving that money into a savings product that can help your savings grow. Soon you will see INVESTING options in your app.

Now you have all that you need to understand that savings are important and with Oval you can save in a different and easy way, without to think about it.

In one month I’ve raised more than 60€, from the weekly shopping at the grocery store to a booking a trip and to a Facebook post, I automatically saved money without putting any effort, everything was done by Oval and by its amazing technology. And soon every mile’s run will let me save and these cents in my digital piggybank could be invested to become more and more.

With Oval Money, I am money wise and if you wish, you can #BeMoneyWise too.

Simply DOWNLOAD Oval Money on Play Store for Android users and on AppStore for iPhone users and start saving now! If you use my CODE CSD2447U you will find 5€ on your account.

I leave you with this introductory video and I wish you Merry Christmas and a 2018 rich of saving, thanks to Oval Money

Download Oval Money App, use the code CSD2447U and #BeMoneyWise

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