The future of e-mobility is now

During the Formula E race weekend, Enel Group held in Rome the 8th edition of #EnelFocusOn, the cycle of talks about the world of tomorrow.

The series of talks began in Rome two years ago and it was held in various worldwide cities. The last weekend, the event was back in his home city and its central theme was the future of e-mobility. For me and for more than 40 influencers, was a unique opportunity to dialogue with Ryan O’Keeffe, Enel’s Director of Communications, Alberto Piglia, Head of e-Mobility, Enel X and Brian Solis, the American anthropologist, futurologist and digital analyst.

Nowadays, the e-mobility globally has lots of problems to deal with and there aren’t so many solutions. But, as R. Piglia said: “E-mobility is an industry where a lot is happening very quickly“. Indeed in Italy, Enel X predicts a remarkable increase in the number of electric vehicles which could grow from 0.5 million today to 1.5 million over the next six years.

Brian Solis is convinced that the future of our mobility is electric and shared. Today’s society is structured – He said – around digital Darwinism, an ecosystem in which technological development stimulates a continual redefinition of the paradigms.

The success of e-cars depends mostly on a change in lifestyle since we tend to think about just to our convenience and our comfort, rather than the pollution and to take care of the environment. So we have to make sure that the e-mobility is practical, that it helps us save time and money and cool. 

E-mobility is reality and is not the future, is now.

Watching the Formula E race, we noticed how electric mobility it’s real and how it’s cool! Italy could have big opportunities, considering that has the first 100% digital grid on the market, where Enel Group started working in 2002.

As we know the 21st-century transportation will be revolutionised by low carbon and low emission technologies. Unlike previous revolutions, this one has been widely predicted because we have no choice. Climate change and air pollution, allied with the need to reduce the chronic congestion clogging up our cities necessitate radical transport solutions.

And it’s so interesting how the digital transformation affected the sector of utilities and how Enel Group is riding the wave of the innovation.

I was recruited by a chatbot for this event (read the full story here) and it was a unique opportunity for me to discover a sector where actually I’m not in, I’m an outsider. But it’s really cool industry, where we can see many disruptions and where I want to improve my knowledge

So I decided to contribute to spreading the word about the e-mobility revolution, thanks to Enel and especially today, the 22 of April, the World Earth Day.

As I said before we have no choice: we know that the future will be electric and clean, but the e-mobility is more present than you can imagine.

The video down here shows the best moment of the event

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