Summer is gone. Running is about to start

It’s time for CamiSiri to get back on track, or better, on road.

It’s about one year since I’m not running seriously, I mean running for a race, for something that makes me like a child during Christmas’ day.

I ran my first marathon on October 2016 and then I lived my life as an Erasmus guy. Then you can understand me and my healthy lifestyle that goes into the trash.

Back to Milan, healthy issues pushed me to the couch and I started becoming a couch potato.

Now, it’s summer and it’s going to end soon and I’m here in my birthplace, in the middle of South of Italy mountains’ with Heidi (LOL), eating a lot and becoming fat.

I need to be where I’m supposed to be: on the road, running and looking for my finish line (scarce).

And here, where everything is started, 5 years ago, on these countryside roads, I have to start again. So I’m writing down my calendar and as soon as I will be less fat and more strong, I’m going to compete.

I’d like to run a marathon again, maybe in spring, maybe in Milan and I’m also looking for a team that likes to welcome me (actually I’m a Runcard owner).

Down here I’ve just written some interesting Italian races where maybe I will run…

  • 15/10/17 Avon Running 10k
  • 29/10/17 Trofeo Montstella 10k
  • 26/11/17 Milano Half Marathon 21k
  • 31/12/17 We Run Rome 10k
  • 04/02/18 StraMagenta 10k
  • 11/02/18 Giulietta e Romeo Half Marathon 21k
  • 04/03/18 Trofeo Sempione 10k
  • 18/03/18 Stramilano 21k
  • 08/04/18 Milano Marathon 42k

For suggestions or if you wanna join write down a comment here or direct to me.

Happy summer runs!

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