Italian Smart Working Week, known as Settimana del Lavoro Agile

From May 21st to 25th in Italy will take place the Smart Working Week (known as Settimana del Lavoro Agile).

In Italy, smart working is an established fact. It has a dedicated law (no. 81/2017), private companies and public administrations are opening up to its merits, and corporate experiments are continuing to rise.

In the last 5 years, smart working in Italy has grown. The Smart Working Observatory shows that in Italy we have more than 300k smart workers (the 8% of Italian workers) that are more satisfied and have more digital competences above the average.

As many as 50% of Italy’s major companies have launched or are about to launch a smart working project (36% with regulated arrangements). Among the SMEs, the 22% also have informal projects and the 7% are structured ones. In the Public Administration, only 5% of institutions have active structured projects and another 4% practice smart working informally.

Potential benefits from smart working are huge: the Smart Working Observatory estimates that the adoption of a smart working grown model, produces an increase in productivity for companies equal to about 15% per worker, which means € 13.7 billion of overall benefits for the Country. For workers, even one day a week of remote working can save on average 40 hours a year of travel and a reduction in emissions of 135 kg of CO2 per year

«Milan is the Italian capital of smart working – says Mariano Corso, Scientific Director of the Smart Working Observatory – At least 30 large organizations with active smart working projects are based in the Milan area, more than in any other Italian city.»

From May 21st to 25th the Smart Working Week will take place throughout Italy with the aim of highlighting and promoting smart working initiatives for employees of public and private companies. The initiative was launched in 2014 by the Municipality of Milan.

The growth of the event was also encouraged by the approval last year of the law 81/2017, in which for the first time the smart working was discussed in relation to the private companies and public administration.

If you are living in Milan, you can book a free spot in a coworking space. Check by clicking here. All the events of Milanese Smart Working Week are listed here.



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