English way

A few days ago, I woke up with a thought in my head: “I have to write only in English”.


Actually it was the same day of the CamiSiri’s birthday, it was registered on WordPress exactly 5 years ago.

5 years of running, of sweat, of writing, of studying, of improvement… 5 years of passion.

Because, in the end, what has led me to care for him (or its, I have to say… it depends by the point of view), has been the simplest passion to do something.

As everybody know, passion let me do thousand of things at the same time, but only one thing I miss: the chance to spread my voice as far as possible.

I believe runners are incredible and innovative people and their gonna change the world!

This is the soul of CamiSiri and I wanna tell to everybody and my lovely Italian language allows me only up to a certain point. Even if my English isn’t so good and sometimes is bad, I don’t care. Passion will support me again into this challenge and I hope that my actual Italian followers appreciate it and I’d like to welcome all new international and non-italian speaking followers.

*The latest two posts about my journey in digital world are already translated but I’m not going to translate everything. This is an evolution of this blog, not an entirely transformation and I’m not going to change its story.


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