Eat, code, (do not) sleep and repeat – My Novathon #withPBZ experience


This is the story of my amazing hackathon weekend

It was a September Sunday afternoon in Zagreb and I was there, on the stage, in front of them.

I admit I was scared a bit: it was my first pitch outside the university where, you know, you’re in front of your professors and colleagues… it isn’t the same situation; I was outside my comfort zone.

Then I took the remote control and I started talking talking talking… it’s something that actually is easy for me. And they’re watching me, listening to me, dedicating 5 minutes to me and my team’s idea. Just 5 minutes to convince bank’s managers, Skinner, Rizzi and… ok, I was scared.

Why was I pitching? Where was I? So let me just rewind and start from scratch.

July 2017, during an interview at CETIF, at Cattolica University, they asked me if I was free on September 23 and 24. Why not, I answered. They were proposing me to take part to Novathon #withPBZ, the Intesa Sanpaolo hackathon in Zagreb. A few days later I would meet the other members of the team and so we decided to compete in the smart branch challenge.

It’s the 22 of September evening, we’re flying into a “washing machine with wings” (it’s a propeller plane ahah) and we’re almost in the cold Croatian capital. It’s time to rest…

The 23rd morning arrives and we’re there looking for the best team’s name. Now we are the TECK&HACK team, even if we’re not coders or IT specialist (it just glorifies my old blog).

It’s time to focus on our project and thanks to all mentors, from the most sympathetic to the most critical ones, we finally arrived to a concrete idea. The night is still long and Photoshop is calling me; then two hours of sleeping and it’st he 24th, waiting to pitch our idea in front of the jury.

We developed a web-based, automatic, dynamic and easy to use platform which, through the integration of customer data with the info provided by predictive analytics and the “disruptive” data about customer lifestyle, enables branch advisors to build a better-customized relationship.

So it’s our turn, I’m going to the stage and pushing away the various anxieties. 4 minutes later I’ve done, I’ve told them all about our PIM and Bob’s story. 

Now let’s wait for the winners’ teams announcement. We’re not one of them, but considering that we were all marketers without a coder, we gained a very good position. It’s time to take the luggage and run to the airport, the plane is waiting for us and tomorrow is the usual Monday.

This was the short story of my last amazing weekend.

I have firstly say thank you to my team members, Gabriella, Gaia, and Martina, for the great support and for enduring me and my madness.

Secondly, I’m so glad to have met one of the winners’ teamsTHE CLOUD DOESN’T EXIST, an amazing Italian team, that has developed a “wow” project. I hope to see Fabio, Cesare, Matteo and Lorenzo again!

Lastly, but not least, thank Intesa Sanpaolo that let me participate, learn, had fun and enjoy the amazing Novathon #withPBZ experience in Zagreb.

So, that’s it! Enjoy the gallery and the video down here and keep follow this digital runner!

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