Digital transformation: the BuddyBank case

As you know CamiSiri is a digital runner (less runner recently) and sometimes ago I started writing here about digital things. What was the purpose? Why here, why now?

Initially, it should have been like a journey, following step by step my project. And I actually started, but a certain point, during this summer, I had to stop. I started again in late September, after Novathon experience, but I did so fast and it was impossible to tell to everybody. So I decided to reveal everything at the end.

So what was I doing?

Ok, It’s time to spit it out… I was writing the Bachelor’s Thesis: Digital transformation: the BuddyBank case (It’s the English translation since it’s Italian written).

It’s about the digital transformation of banks, talking also about FinTech and with a focus on the Italian market. The main case is about BuddyBank, the first Italian mobile bank, powered by Unicredit group and available on the 29th January 2018.

But, as you know, I like to start from far away…so, I started talking about digital transformation in the economy and the impact of the innovation, the disruptive one and the sustaining one.

Focusing on FinTech industry, from his birth to his incredible developing and evolution in a short time. Trying to understand the growth of the investments and where the major hubs are.

Then the Italian scenario and how’s going the digitalization process, how many citizens are digitalized and how is developed the Italian fintech ecosystem and how many investments are done.

The core is the digital bank, or rather, the transformation that leads banks to be digital ones; why we need a digital bank and if we still need branches; who is the digital customer and if only the millennials are; the payments sad story, the data war that will come and who’s going to protect our data, maybe we need a self-sovereign identity through blockchain. What should have to be done to become digital banks?

The neobanks, pure digital mobile and cool all around the world, from N26 and Atom, to Neat and Simple.

And then my study case, BuddyBank, the Italian first mobile-only bank. Powered by Unicredit and developed by Angelo D’Alessandro.

It’s the perfect bank for iPhone that allows a conversational banking, that helps you in everyday life, managing bank and non-banking needs. An incredible concierge service that knows you and offers what you really need.

The 29th of January 2018 is close and you can join to the waiting list by clicking here

Unfortunately my thesis in the Italian language, but if you’re able to read and you’re interested in the topic, let me know.

It’s not over here for “digital things” on CamiSiri, in fact, it’s just the beginning!

Anyway, at the end, I graduated the 11th of November 2017.

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