Contactless with Google Pay, now in Italy

Italians now you can pay with your smartphone and forget your wallet at home. Google Pay lands in Italy.

Google Pay is now available to all Android users in Italy. Google Pay is the single app you need for all your contactless payments, peer-to-peer payments, as well as a boarding pass and ticket storage.

Google Pay made its debut — as Android Pay — on the global stage when it launched in the U.K. in May 2016, and the service has slowly continued to expand since.


What you can do with Google Pay

You can also use your gift cards, loyalty cards, tickets, and coupons with Google Pay when you shop at your favourite stores.

Which banks are supported?

In Italy, you can pay with Google Pay online or in apps if you are a client of these banks.  If you’re looking for supported banks and cards in a different country, go to the list of all countries. I am Revolut client and I connected my MasterCard.

Start using Google Pay

  1. Sign in to to start using Google Pay on your computer. You can also download the app:
  2. Add a payment method
  3. Start your contactless journey!

The payment revolution is here!

You just need your Android smartphone, your Revolut account (Don’t you know Revolut? You definitely should because is better than your bank account! Check here) and obviously Google pay.

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