CamiSiri, a digital runner.

CamiSiri is a project born in 2012 and it’s a sort of alter-ego of me.

I am Camillo Sirianni and I was born 23 years ago in a little town in the South of Italy, Soveria Mannelli, the first computerized city of the Country. Now, I am currently studying in Milan, the smartest city in Italy, after being an exchange student in the future European Capital of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Lisbon.

I started writing for CamiSiri and developing this alias when I discovered running that was not exciting at all at the time. Then after miles and miles, I am still looking for my finish line. During my journey, I “ran” across digital things, startups, fintech… So, after telling so many things on this blog, at the moment the focus is mainly on digital transformation, fintech and running.

I would like to show the best of what I do, I see, I meet and to share with everybody because I believe sharing is caring and good content can inspire someone to do incredible things. Big goal? For sure but we have to aim high! To know more about me, check my Linkedin Profile by clicking here.

In 2017 I decided to write majorly in the English language, to spread the voice further away. It doesn’t’ mean that I close the door to the Italian language, indeed where you will find an Italian flag across my blog, you’ll know that it’s Italian contents.

As you know, after reading this little story, Camillo is social addicted and you can find him on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn but also on Strava (the last one it’s just for true connoisseurs).
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