CamiSiri, a digital runner.

CamiSiri is a project born in 2012 and it’s a sort of alter-ego of  Camillo Sirianni. He was born 22 years ago in a little town in South of Italy, the first computerized one of the Country. Now, he’s currently studying in the smartest city of Italy, after being an exchange student in the future European Capital of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

In his spare time he does lot’s of thing, from social media marketing to photography and also he takes care of CamiSiri.

Camillo starts writing on CamiSiri and developing this alias when he started running, not exciting at all at the time. Then after miles and miles, he’s still looking for his finish line.

Then, after telling so many things on this blog (and also his life), now the focus is mainly on RUNNING and INNOVATION.

He believes that runners are innovative people, digital addicted and they’re gonna change the world!

At least he is and it’s going to tell you more about these topics. Recently he has chosen the English language, instead of Italian, to spread the voice further away

As you know, after reading this little story, CamiSiri is social addicted and you can find him on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter  and LinkedIn but also on Strava (the last one it’s just for true connoisseurs)

*Since he moves on English in June 2017, the oldest posts are in Italian and I hope Google Translate can let you understand.

Enjoy, subscribe to the newsletter and let me know what do you think about it.